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 Fire-Rite, Inc. has been providing quality heat  treat services to the mid-western United States and Canada since 1974.  Together with our partner facility - Integrated Maintenance Services -  we provide machining and fabrication services to multiple industries  including but not limited to: Automotive, Steel Production, Concrete and  heavy equipment. Fire-Rite, Inc has 40,000 square feet of manufacturing  space which houses 6 furnaces for Stress relieving, normalizing,  annealing and straightening. (See our equipment page for size  capabilities.) We also offer manual blasting, machine blasting,  painting, press straightening, and final delivery on our well maintained  trucks. Fire-Rite also provides on site services such as welding, on  site fabrications and equipment straightening and repair. Our qualified  field services crew is OSHA trained and certified and available on site  24 hours a day. 

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About Us - IMS

Integrated Maintenance Services

 Integrated Maintenance Services, (IMS), has over  20,000 square feet of manufacturing area. We specialize in repairing new  and used steel mill equipment. We currently have 5 boring mill machines  with full readouts. We have 3 C.N.C's, including an easy turn fryer.  Our cranes carry up to 30 tons with 25' under the hook. We also have 2  grinders with 16" X 50" O.D/I.D. There are 6 lathes in our facility with  a wide range of swing area. our welding equipment consists of 8 Lincoln  welders with LN7 wire feeders. We have MIG, TIG, Stick, Subarc, and  Roll welders 60" X 200". We also offer onsite work at your facility. 

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